Health & Wellbeing

2021 – Our year to shine or should we just carry on as normal?

2021…Never has a year been so anticipated! But are we all putting too much pressure on ourselves to make 2021 ‘our year’? Countless social media posts, story after story…our friends are all declaring that 2020 was a quite frankly a bit of a let down and that 2021 is going to be ‘their year’. Honestly, …

woman smiling and following the tips on how to have a more positive day
Health & Wellbeing

How to have a more positive day in 3 simple steps!

Goodness knows this year has been a challenge for everyone! It’s hard to find clear headspace in this confusing world. Every single day we are navigating a world full of worry, fear, stress and day to day challenges that we could never have imagined just a short year ago! So we were wondering…how can we …

Relationships & Dating

Cooking for two need not be a chore! A date night idea.

Cooking for two out of a sense of necessity is kind of dull for the most part. But it doesn’t need to be! There are many resources both on and offline when it comes to finding the perfect combinations for those terrific twosomes. Find your favourite recipe online or maybe grab that recipe book you’ve …