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The project of self discovery

A great way to learn about yourself is to blog your way through a project. A recent popular film, showed a woman blogging her way through her project to cook a recipe every day from a cookbook written by a celebrity cook. As she blogged her thoughts, reactions, successes, and failures each day as she wrote her blog, not only did she amass a great number of readers following her adventure, she learned  much about her self and her partner. 

Choose a project you have wanted to do for a while. Assemble all the resources you need to complete the project and create a blog online to record your efforts and your thoughts about them. If you prefer, use an offline journal you can write in. Reflecting is an important part of the road to self-discovery.

Blogging or journaling is about keeping a diary as a place to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and successes. As you look back on it in the future, not only will you learn a lot about yourself, it will also be a lovely way to remember the project, especially if you add photos to it regularly throughout the project. 

As you complete your project every day, take time to write down what you did, whether you were happy with your achievement, what you felt about you did and what difficulties you faced. Write down any solutions you created for the difficulties and how well they worked for you. Don’t be afraid of using honest words, especially if the blog or journal is for your eyes only. This is the place you can be truly your self and express yourself without fear of rejection or ridicule.  

As you work on your project, try to experience a sense of excitement that this project so long put off is finally being given priority in your life. Then write how you feel about the things you did today and how satisfied you were with your efforts. Write about everything, you can think of that relates to the project… You may choose to write about whether you put felt some parts of the project were too difficult, or maybe very self-satisfying. Perhaps you realized that interruptions to your focus make you irritable. 

The lessons we learn as we complete this project and journal our responses, will be invaluable tools for identifying our personal strengths and weaknesses. 

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