Bergen, Norway shops landscape

A weekend in Bergen, Norway. Scandinavian heaven!

I don’t mind admitting that I’ve lost my heart to Scandinavia. I have visited every Scandic country and so far I have not found much I didn’t like.

Some destinations I loved more than others, but I have to say the bad things are still not truly that bad. It’s more of a case of forcing myself to try and decide my absolute favourite cities. Whether it’s the beautiful family friendly Copenhagen, or the pine trees that go on for miles in Finland, I’m totally in love! Of course…there are so many places to visit! I loved this post about the best places to visit in 2020! Ok, so maybe travel this year might be a little tricky, but one day! I firmly have Russia on my bucket list.

Up there though…waaaaay up there is Bergen in Norway. Is it fair to judge a whole country on having visited just one area? I think so!

The one thing I was completely prepared for was the cost of visiting. You know it is going to be expensive, and you know what…it REALLY is! It’s easy to find a great deal to fly and even stay in Norway. But my goodness, is it expensive the the UK visitor. Our first nights meal in a ‘cheap’ no frills bar consisting of a burger and chips for two, a very small bear and a Diet Coke came to £55.

Somehow though, cost aside, this place just charmed me. It’s old creaking and slightly slanted buildings housing beautiful artisan and hand crafted goods somehow summed up what I had expected to find in bergen.

High above bergen is a look out point, with beautiful fir trees, woodland paths and if you are lucky to spot any, wildlife too. It really helps you to get a good look at Bergen from above. It makes it look like a much bigger place than it really is though!

And of course, one of my highlights was the funicular to get up there. I do love a funicular!

And finally, Bergen has the added bonus of being right of the water with easy access to the absolutely stunning fjords. Take a boat trip and you will see how Jaw droopingly stunning this area of the world is.

Water so clear that you won’t know which bit is land and which is water!

Night time is equally a stunning time to walk around Bergen, usually quiet in the winter and somehow wrapped up all cosy and walking along the waters edge looking at the lit up buildings was one of my favourite things to do!

So, if it isn’t completely clear from this post, I definitely love Bergen! If you find yourself having the opportunity to visit Bergen, or even Norway, then I really do recommend it! If this has really inspired you to visit Norway, and in particular this region then you definitely check out this post from Diary of a Detour!

But we always looking for new places to visit and we’ve just discovered this blog and we really want to go back to Boston now! Check out this post about wonderful winter ideas in Boston!


  1. […] (including the bike culture) is one to aspire to. We had always wanted to do a city break in Scandinavia and we are so happy we got to experience this.  We were very fortunate with the weather as it was […]

  2. Lucy Zelazowski says:

    Looks great 👌
    I’ve always wanted to do a break too Norway. There is a lot to see and do.
    Thank you for sharing
    Lucy Zelazowski – @londonbirdlucy

  3. Lyndsey cooksey says:

    What lovely photos and so many beautiful places to visit! I would love to go to Copenhagen as I have friends there and they always tell me to go and visit, but it’s the ‘I haven’t had time/chance, something comes up excuse I have. They arnt really excuses, I just sometimes can’t get chance to go, especially working in schools.

    1. Oh you really should!! Copenhagen is beautiful! All of Scandinavia is actually, but Copenhagen definitely has it’s own vibe!

  4. Michael Fisher says:

    Fantastic and on my list once we dare to travel again

  5. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Somewhere ive never been – will be added to my list – BEAUTIFUL place

  6. Carly Belsey says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos, definitely one for the bucket list.

  7. sandy ralph says:

    fabulous photos I would lobe to travel someday

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