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Cooking for two need not be a chore! A date night idea.

Cooking for two out of a sense of necessity is kind of dull for the most part. But it doesn’t need to be! There are many resources both on and offline when it comes to finding the perfect combinations for those terrific twosomes. Find your favourite recipe online or maybe grab that recipe book you’ve been meaning to try for ages and make it a date night in!

Sure, It’s tempting to order in take out, and yep…you probably have your local pizza place on speed dial but trust me your feel much more virtuous by cooking a healthy home cooked meal at home. it’s not very romantic or fun! Get your partner involved, get them to chop whilst you stir (or vice versa of course!). It doesn’t matter if they are awful cooks, or even if you both are actually.

It’s a good time to experiment a bit too! Try to cook something you both love but rarely have and definitely not something that it’s in the normal run of the mill diner rotation. Treat yourself to lobster or filet mignon perhaps! The chances are that it will still be vastly cheaper than if you went to a swanky restaurant. Or how about maybe recreating a dish from your favourite restaurant. In our house we love to make Greek food for special meals, for an anniversary not so long ago my husband recreated my favourite meal from my favourite restaurant in Santorini where we got married – and obviously honeymooned!

Oh, and whilst I’m at it, no TV dinners! Set the table….get the nice dinner plates out and maybe light a candle. Take time, linger. reminise, laugh.. and..oh, did I say take some time out to enjoy each others company without all the normal life distractions? Yes. I mean it!

And make sure dessert is something special! a sharing platter, or maybe a chocolate fondue…mmm my mouth is watering!

But aside from a date night – why not create a whole bucket list of ideas?! We love this idea for cosy winter couple time – check out this post from Everlasting Love.


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