woman smiling and following the tips on how to have a more positive day
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How to have a more positive day in 3 simple steps!

Women smiling and following tips on how to have a more positive day

Goodness knows this year has been a challenge for everyone! It’s hard to find clear headspace in this confusing world. Every single day we are navigating a world full of worry, fear, stress and day to day challenges that we could never have imagined just a short year ago!

So we were wondering…how can we get through our days in a more positive way? We might not be able to control the world right now and make a pandemic simply go away, but we can help ourselves to get through it a little better.

So here are our top 3 simple and achievable tips!

1 – Stay off social media!

This might seem obvious, but social media can sometimes do more harm that good. At the moment, it seems like an extra trigger point. People not acting appropriately or within local covid rules, or perhaps showing their life at home as being extra specially perfect whilst you hang around in your pj’s bingeing on Netflix. Spoiler alert…your friends don’t have it together either, they just don’t show it!

2 – Think happy thoughts

Yeah, this seriously does sound cliche but honestly we think there is something in this positive mental attitude mindset. Thinking about things that make you happy might really be hard right now and it might take a while to make it a daily habit. But, remembering the good things in life – even if that’s your cat waiting for you at home can just cheer you up and get your through.

3 – Treat yourself

We don’t even mean to something you have to buy. This could be to a lovely fresh fruit breakfast or to a bar of your favourite chocolate..maybe a lovely relaxing bath or a home. Just do something for you..and preferably something relaxing and calming to regain that headspace. We all need to press the reset button sometimes and that’s completely ok!

So there your have our top 3 tips to get you through this crazy world but we think they are pretty good rules for life in any case. Always take time for you and allow yourself some positive headspace.

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