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2021 – Our year to shine or should we just carry on as normal?

2021…Never has a year been so anticipated! But are we all putting too much pressure on ourselves to make 2021 ‘our year’?

Countless social media posts, story after story…our friends are all declaring that 2020 was a quite frankly a bit of a let down and that 2021 is going to be ‘their year’. Honestly, who can blame them?!

But are we running before we can walk? Do we need to put this kind of pressure on ourselves? and why?!

I think we can all agree one thing…2020 was honestly a bit of a hot mess which is probably a bit of an understatement. We all had to learn the new way of the world and found ourselves going about our daily lives in a way we never thought we’d have to.

Let’s face it, 2020 was hard work. But it was also a year of down time for many people but in down time new ideas were born…leaps of faith and dreams were realised. Suddenly in a world that seemed like it wasn’t a world we knew anymore – anything seemed possible and no idea seemed like a bad one any more – well ok, dressing up the cat on one particular day of boredom might have been.

And of course, New Years are traditionally the start of New Years resolutions and new starts. But with the world still so uncertain, many still living restricted lives it’s ok to just quietly get on with your life and pursue your dreams.

But you know, if your goal for 2021 is just to get up every day and get dressed then that’s ok too! Just remember – you are enough as you are, you don’t need to be a better you. 2021 is another year and of course you should pursue your dreams – but if you want to do that in your PJ’s or if you only manage a slightly better you then we think that’s still cool. You just need to be you!

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  1. Yes it has been a particularly challenging year hasn’t it and it’s good to keep perspective and some positivity, even with the small things as you say.

  2. I think I am just going to be taking each day as it comes and hoping for the best

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