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How to Hygge

For the last in our series we ask the all important question…just how do you Hygge?!

For instance, do running pants consider hygge? Truly. There’s even a word in Danish for them! Hyggebukser are that pair of jeans you’d never be found dead wearing in broad daylight, however basically live in when you’re at home on the ends of the week gorging on Netflix.

Notwithstanding portraying things as hyggelig (hygge-like), Danes are likewise fixated on adding hygge to different words to depict things. For instance, a hyggekrog is basically an alcove where you can get comfortable—envision a seat by the window where you can envelop yourself with a cover and watch the world pass by, or your #1 easy chair where you do the entirety of your perusing. This is what else is considered hygge:

Candles. In the event that you ask a Danish individual, they’re probably going to reveal to you that candles are the main piece of making a hyggelig climate at home. Danes consume an astounding 13 pounds of candle wax a year for every capita as indicated by Wiking—more than some other country on the planet. So turn off that unflattering overhead light and light a few candles.

Chimneys. What could be cozier than twisting up by the fire for a warm night in? Extra focuses if your shelf is embellished for winter.

Toss covers. Regardless of whether a thick weave, weighted cover, or warmed toss, having something delicate to fold over yourself is an unquestionable requirement. As are larger than usual sweaters and thick socks (truly, anything weaved), which likewise make things way more hygge.

Custom made desserts, comfort food, and hot beverages. What you eat is likewise fundamental to making those comfortable vibes. While cafés can surely have a hygge climate (think candles on the table and a chimney in the back), spending huge loads of cash on a costly supper isn’t the point. It’s more about solace and commonality.

In Denmark that may mean baked goods, meatballs, and abundant measures of espresso, however in America you should present yourself with a warm beverage, uncover your grandmother’s chicken pot pie formula, or go through an end of the week early evening time heating your number one chocolate cake.

While winter is the conspicuous time for all things hygge, Danes practice this idea all year. A few thoughts for hyggelig summer exercises remember picnics for the recreation center, patio evening gatherings, huge fires on the sea shore, and open air film evenings.

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